Girl finding herself in a weird modern world, not quite fitting in, but just getting by.

A, 2 series comedy drama. With six episodes each.

Working as a prop person for a music video company.


Sometimes love can be like the moon and the sun
One shines brighter than the other.
The other basks in their shine.
They share the same sky, each day and each night.

Only ever meeting on a clear evening.
Where they are for once content in each others presence.

Wishing they were closer,
Wishing they could both shine the same.
Hoping each dawn or dusk to be different.

But it’s always the same.


A little project for myself…

I have been thinking for the past week about getting back into creative writing again. Making little short stories. Or extracts that i come up with. Just to get my little mind going again. I think once a week I should work on a little story/ poem or something. You could also suggest some ideas for me to keep the ball rolling.

This is a short little introduction and I need to start doing some work on my first real blog entry.

Happy reading.

Amy x